The Man Who Preserved the Pinelands is a celebration of the 40th anniversary of the New Jersey Pinelands Protection Act told through the comments and recollections of the public officials who fought for and ultimately passed this innovative legislation.







The Pine Barrens, Up Close & Natural is shown to visitors at the Pinelands Preservation Alliance's main center.  The film is also used by PPA staff for an ongoing outreach effort when visiting schools, civic organizations and interest groups.  Excerpts from the film highlighting specific ecological concepts are featured on the Pinelands Preservation Alliance website.



The film Mitchell made for us, The Pine Barrens: Up Close & Natural, is an invaluable resource for our crucial public outreach mission. Mitchell listened to our needs and guided us through the production process with fitting creative suggestions and an insightful grasp of the content that is reflected in the narration and flow of the film. In addition to its broadcasts on public television, we have shown the film thousands of times to a wide variety of groups and classes. It always has a big impact.
— Carleton Montgomery, Executive Director Pinelands Preservation Alliance